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Web Links let you save and arrange web URLs and then share them with the group.

Creating a Web Link

When you create a web link you specify a name and description and the URL in question. You can test the web link to make sure it's correct before saving the details. If you don't specify a URL prefix, the normal web prefix of http:// is assumed.

Viewing Web Links

When you view a web link you can choose to view it in a new browser window or use the current browser window.

Other Information

The web link name and description can be searched using the group search.

When viewing an individual web link a user can add comments (if they are enabled) which other group members will see and can be notified about.

One or more items (eg. files, pictures etc.) may also be associated with an individual web link, if related items are enabled for that web link. This is done by adding a new Related Item to the web link. These related items are then also visible to other group members, when they view that web link, in the "Related Items" section.

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